What is a sorting system?

This page is about sorting systems. What sort of sort of plant at all? It is a recycling machine that plays an important role in a recycling line. The recycling of waste or rubble is an important measure to work in an environment-oriented manner. By separating from a wide variety of materials, it is possible to further process and reuse them. This not only protects our environment, but also our raw materials. This plant therefore separates several substances from one another and makes it possible to recycle them. This work does not have to be done by people. This also makes the system very cost-efficient. Thus a source of raw material is formed from a fire-field which can no longer be used at first, with which the cycle closes. In the past, such materials would simply have landed on the dump and no recycling would have taken place.

Types of sorting systems

But what sort of sorting systems are there at all? Depending on the nature of the valuables, different sorting systems and processes can be used to develop a process that separates garbage from each other in the most efficient way. There is the drum screen, water screen or a vibration system. Several different systems can also be used. It may e.g. It is necessary to use the vibration system first, e.g. Larger stones from the small ones.

What types of materials can be sorted with these machines?

Different materials can be sorted in a drum screen. Examples include: sand, earth, gravel, construction rubbish, gravel, compost or woodchips. Depending on the sorting system used, additional methods can be introduced (magnets are used, for example, for separating ferromagnetic objects).