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Used sorting plants for recycling

Sorting plants for unmixed raw materials. A recycling plant is made up of several recycling machines connected in series, which, connected by conveyor belts, enable a continuous process. The recycling materials are seldom sorted and have to be separated as much as 100%, so that the material can be used to create new goods of the usual quality.

Used machines

What is a sorting system?

This page is about sorting equipment. What sort of such a system sorts? It is a recycling machine that plays an important role in a recycling line. The recycling of rubbish or rubble is an important measure to work environmentally friendly. By separating the most different materials, it is possible to further process and reuse them. This not only protects the environment, but also our raw materials. Thus, this plant separates several substances from each other and makes its recycling possible. This work does not need to be done by people. This also makes the system very cost effective. This creates a source of raw material from a rubbish heap, which is no longer to be used at first, thus closing the cycle. In the past, such materials would have simply landed on the dump and no recovery would have taken place.

Types of sorting equipment

But what different sorting systems are there at all. Depending on the type of Wertschoffes, can be developed from different sorting systems and processes, a method of separating waste in the most efficient way. There is the drum screen, water screen or a vibration system. It can also be used several different systems. It can e.g. be necessary to first use the vibration equipment, e.g. to separate larger stones from the smaller ones.

Which types of material can be sorted with these machines?

In a drum screen different materials can be sorted. Examples include: sand, earth, gravel, construction waste, gravel, compost or wood chips. Depending on the sorting system used, additional procedures can be initiated (magnets are used, for example, for separating ferromagnetic objects)