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Consider a shredder as a sort of recycling machine that allows you to shred material, paper, wood, plastic, etc. This works as follows: They give carry materials via a conveyor belt in the funnel of the shredder. This cuts the materials into small pieces, making them easier to recycle.

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After the mill has been shredded, you can recycle it via further recycling plants and finally return it to the recycling cycle.Contact

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There are different variations of these so-called shredders. For one thing, there are single or multiple-shaft shredders that are equipped with sharp, robust blades. On the other hand, there are models that otherwise divide and shred objects.

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The largest representative of this shredder is able to crush whole buses. Much smaller machines are available in many households and crush the branches of the trees. The construction of the shredder depends on the materials that are to be shredded. It is available with a rotating shaft that is studded with thorns. The number of waves usually increases with size. But the material also plays a crucial role. There are rigid tools or moving parts used. For stones, however, it is only very resistant, counter-rotating rolls. They are commonly referred to as breakers. For home use has a shredder usually a rotating disc, which is occupied with cutting blades.

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