What is a Granulator [Recycling Machine]?

This is a recycling machine for crushing workpieces. They are based on the principle of cutting mills. The cutting takes place according to variants of the scissors-slit-cut principle. Two cutting edges tightly join a roller combination similar to the legs of shears to the cut. There are different types. This can be a recycling system for the laboratory, as a stand-by or as a stand. The most common rolls are toothed rolls, central rolls, chopped rolls and without rolls, punching bars and edge strips are common.

What is it used for?

Granulating has the purpose of recycling. Batch-free batches often have additional features such as colors, transparency, glue residues and many more. The goal is often to be able to use the engineering plastics again in the first sales market.

What features has a granulator?

The material properties of the plastics to be granulated vary between hard and soft, brittle or supple, tough or rigid. A recycling machine can heat or soften in order to influence the material properties favorably. The propulsion is a popular size for adapting to the batches. It is important to reduce wear on the cutting edges and to increase the service life with high edge quality. An important issue for the producers of granulators is the disposal, treatment and recycling of marginal strips.

There are granulators specialized in the processing of films, plates or pipes. Other variants have guillotines for pre-comminution or those with roller inserts or other material thrusting devices. The end product is often different. Frequently, such a machine produces flakes or millbase. Depending on the specialization, a starting product can also come out again.

Which materials are processed with these machines?

The purpose is to granulate all engineering plastics or natural materials safely. Technical plastics are ABS, polyethylenes with the designation PE, polyacetylenes with PA, PA 6, PA 66 GF, rare PC, for food very often PP, PET, PVC and POM, including PU, EPS, EPDM or EVA, from other applications PBT, PEEK, TPS. The PMMA is often recycled into sheets or films. TPE, TPU complete the list for a recycling plant.