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This recycling machine is used to compress materials. Through a chute or conveyor belt the specific materials are fed to the recycling plant. An automation of the process ensures a continuous compression of recyclables. In this process, the valuable materials are compressed into bales and then sealed with suitable binding material. The pressing to bales and the additional lacing are advantageous in that the recyclables retain their compactness during transport and during transport. In most cases, the cubes are easily stacked by the cuboidal pressure and the available space capacity is perfectly utilized.

Versatile use of canal baling presses

The increased increase in waste is breaking new ground in the area of waste management and recycling. Disposal of the waste must be carried out immediately, in a space-saving and environmentally friendly manner. This recycling machine is the right partner for the efficient disposal process. With the help of this recycling plant, materials, e.g. Paper, plastic, cardboard and textiles are compressed so that they retain only a minimal portion of the original volume. The volume of recyclables is reduced by up to 95% through the use of this recycling machine. By reducing the previous volume, the recyclables are better stowed and significantly fewer trips are required for transport. This minimizes transportation expense and exhaust emissions.

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Canal Balers – Two Models

Due to the numerous advantages of this press, it is used in many areas. Often they are also found in supermarkets and industrial plants. Due to the space-saving compression of the waste, they can then be supplied individually for further processing. Semi-automatic and fully automatic baling presses are differentiated. The feeding of the material as well as the binding of the bales must be done manually with the semi-automatic baler.

Combination with other machines

The high quality and safety impresses users in the disposal sector as well as in the paper and cardboard industry. Due to the modular arrangement, this baler can be combined with other machines. The recycling plant compacts cardboard, PET, plastics or light waste to a minimum volume and space-saving storage. Noble materials and components ensure a high longevity in this baler.