Lindner Power Komet 2800

Machine type: secondary shredder, single-shaft shredder
Manufacturer: Lindner Recyclingtech GmbH
Model: Power Comet 2800
Machine number: 1784
Year of construction: 2010
Condition: workshop overhauled (used)
Single-shaft shredder particularly suitable for post-shredding, granulation of shredded material.
Application: commercial waste for thermal or valuable recycling, e.g. Paper, cardboard, art and foam, rubber, leather, textiles, flooring. Etc.



Lindner Power Komet 2800, refurbished machine 08/2019
Year of construction 2010
Control cabinet: as new 500 h, dustproof with recooler
Control panel: new
Drive motors: ABB 2×200 kW New
Paint New / RAL: 5003/7001
Rotor bearing / withdrawal sleeve / shaft seals: new
Wear plates: Stainless steel R + L New
Knife holder: new
All knives / screws: new
Sealing ring rotor: new Sealing ring wall: new Terminal block top: new
Terminal strip below: Processed
Counter knife slide: prepared
Abstreifkammbalken with plates: new seals, brackets, bolts, safety bolts: used very well preserved
Adjusting screws (counter knife, scraper comb): new
Bushings: new
Power bands: new
Countershaft bearing R + L complete: new
Latch unit: new sockets
Engine intake lug: new sockets
Maintenance flap sliding bushings: new
HNDE storage: new
Hydraulic cylinder screen cassette: new
Hydraulic cylinder HNDE: new
Hydraulic oil: new
Hydraulic unit: complete
Hydraulic line: new
Clutch pads R + L: new
Control cable / sensors: new
Covers: Engine countershaft new
Covers: Countershaft rotor: new
Covers: HNDE: new
Nivel.elements: 8 pieces new
Maintenance door: new
Total weight about 29 t
Dimensions LxWxH mm: 6065 x 2925 x 2945mm
Inspection and test run possible by appointment.
Delivery time: immediately


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