Service from a recycling specialist

Handling recycling machines in an industrial environment requires expertise and experience from many angles.

We aim for efficiency and environmental sustainability. Used recycling machines are widely used for the responsible use of resources.

Service from the specialist

We offer a full service that makes using a recycling machine as easy as possible. If you have found a machine that meets your requirements, then find more about our service below.


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Advantages of our recycling machines

Before recycling, first of all, the separation of raw materials from impurities. Magnetic separation technology is often used for the first separation. All magnetic materials are separated from the rest. For this purpose, a band magnets are often used, since so the conveyor system can continue to run continuously. Elsewhere, the magnet is freed from its load. Permanent magnets are often used at the end of a sorting plant to separate even very small iron residues from the raw material. Here, the magnetic field is often sufficient to move the iron particles to another sorting belt. The magnet itself is not covered with iron.